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Corporate Catering

Looking for a wonderfully prepared catering for your next cooperate meeting or event?  Check out our menu below to see how we can help!  As everyone knows, catering has changed a lot in the last few months!  We want you to know that we are also doing things a little different in an effort to keep everyone safe while still keeping everyone fed!  Every item on our corporate catering menu is individually wrapped for your safety and convenience.  We can accommodate groups large and small!  Looking for something a little more detailed?  We also offer full service CUSTOM catering to all our clients!  CONTACT US today for more information or to place your order!

* Catering is available Monday-Saturday.  Please allow at least 24-48 hours notice on all catering orders.

*Due to current COVID-19 restrictions, all catering is individually packaged for safety and convenience

*FREE delivery within Johnston County - $20 delivery charge to all neighboring counties.  Wake county tax applies to all orders.  Gratuity is appreciated!

*$100 minimum on all corporate catering orders

*Custom catering available!


Morning Muffin - $3.50 

Your choice of individually wrapped blueberry, chocolate chip, lemon or apple cinnamon muffin served with butter

Bagel Me! - $3.50 

Your choice of toasted and individually wrapped plain, blueberry, cinnamon raisin or everything bagel served with cream cheese

Rise and Shine Breakfast Box- $7.95 ($8.95 for gluten free)

Your choice of individually wrapped sandwich served with a fruit cup!  Select from:

  • Bacon, Egg and Cheese

  • Sausage, Egg and Cheese

  • Spinach, Mushroom and Roasted Red Pepper (vegan)

Morning Parfait - $3.95

Individually wrapped parfait with layers of vanilla yogurt , house made granola and fresh berries

Fresh Cut Fruit Bowl - $3.95

Individually wrapped assortment of fresh cut fruit


Premium Boxed Lunch - $11.25 ($12.25 for gluten free)

Individually wrapped premium box lunch includes your choice of sandwich or wrap served with choice of side, pickle and a cookie.  Select from: 

- Roast Beef and Smoked Gouda with spinach, red onion, tomato and herb mayo on wheat bread

- Club Sandwich with lettuce, tomato and herb mayo on hoagie roll

- Grilled Salmon Caesar Salad Wrap

- Turkey, Avocado and Bacon with lettuce, tomato and herb mayo on sourdough bread

- Basil Pesto Chicken with roasted red peppers, lettuce and tomato on sourdough bread

- Avocado, Hummus and Spinach with red onion, roasted red peppers and cucumber on wheat bread (vegan)

Deli Boxed Lunch - $10.50 ($11.50 for gluten free)

Individually wrapped deli box lunch includes your choice of sandwich served with choice of side, pickle and a cookie.  Select from:

- Smoked Gouda Pimento Cheese with lettuce and tomato on sourdough bread

- Ham and Cheddar with lettuce, tomato and herb mayo on sourdough bread

- Roast Beef and Provolone with lettuce, tomato and dijonaise on sourdough bread

BLT with herb mayo on sourdough bread

- Turkey and Swiss with lettuce, tomato and herb mayo on wheat bread

- Hummus, Spinach and Pepper with red onion and tomato on wheat bread (vegan)

*Side Options for Boxed Lunches - Fresh Cut Fruit, Italian Pasta Salad, Chips, Small Mixed Green Salad

Premium Salad Box - $10.99 

Individually wrapped salad box served with saltine crackers or fresh fruit.  Select from:

- Caesar Salad with Salmon

- Kale and Quinoa Salad with Seasonal Vegetables and Balsamic Vinaigrette (gluten free, vegan)

- Garden Salad with Roasted Chicken Breast and Italian Vinaigrette (gluten free)

- Traditional Chef Salad with Ranch Dressing

- Chopped Asian Salad with Soy Herb Vinaigrette (gluten free, vega)

- Chicken Salad over Lettuce Leaf (gluten free)

Premium Entree Selection - $13.95 (includes one side) $14.95 (includes two sides)

Individually wrapped entree with one or two sides.  Select from:

- Bruschetta Chicken with Balsamic Reduction (gluten free)

- Chicken Cordon Bleu (gluten free)

- Creamy Bacon and Spinach Stuffed Chicken (gluten free)

- Pesto Balsamic Chicken Breast (gluten free)

- Honey Mustard Chicken (gluten free)

- Kung Pao Chicken (gluten free)

- BBQ Chicken Thigh

- Pork Picatta (gluten free)

- Pork Medallions with Ginger Sauce (gluten free)

- Garlic and Herb Crusted Pork Chop (gluten free)

- Zesty Flank Steak with Pico de Gallo (gluten free)

- Steak Chimichurri (gluten free)

- Lemon Dill Baked Salmon (gluten free)

- Herbed Tilapia with Garlic Butter (gluten free)

- Bang Bang Shrimp (gluten free)

- Garlic Basil Shrimp (gluten free)

- Lemon Basil Pesto Salmon (gluten free)

- Whole Grain Mustard Catfish (gluten free)

- Coconut Thai Curry Shrimp

- Sweet Potato and Black Bean Bake (gluten free, vegan)

- Spicy Black Bean Burger over Lettuce Leaf (gluten free, vegan)

- Vegetable Stuffed Portobello Cap (gluten free, vegan)

- Chimichurri Portobello (gluten free, vegan)

- Asian Cauliflower Lettuce Wraps (gluten free, vegan)

- Vegan Chili (gluten free, vegan)

- Spinach Lasagna Roll Up (vegetarian)

Premium Side Selection 

- Garlic and Herb Roasted Broccoli Florets (gluten free, vegan)

- Charred Brussel Sprouts (gluten free vegan)

- Sauteed Green Beans (gluten free, vegan)

- Baked Asparagus Spears (gluten free, vegan)

- Mexican Style Cauliflower Rice (gluten free, vegan)

- Roasted Root Vegetables (gluten free, vegan)

- Pesto Potatoes (gluten free, vegan)

- Roasted Sweet Potato Wedges (gluten free, vegan)

- Garlic Whipped Mashed Potatoes (gluten free, vegetarian)

- Coconut Scented Mashed Sweet Potatoes (gluten free, vegan)

- Cilantro Lime Farro (vegan)


Pint of Soup (2 servings) - $5.95

Individually wrapped pint of soup.  Select from:

- Tomato Basil (gluten free, vegan)

- Loaded Potato

- Hearty Vegetable (gluten free, vegan)

- Chicken Noodle

Jumbo Cookie - $2.95

Individually wrapped jumbo cookie.  Select from:

- Chocolate Chip

- Sugar Cookie

- Snickerdoodle

- Peanut Butter

- Oatmeal Raisin

Jumbo Dessert Bar - $2.95

Individually wrapped dessert bar.  Select from:

- Brownie

- Blondie

- Rice Krispie Treat (gluten free, vegetarian)

Assorted Bottled Beverages - $1.95

Individual bottled beverages.  Select from:

- Coke

- Diet Coke

- Sprite

- Dr. Pepper

- Sweet Tea

- Unsweet Tea

- Lemonade

- Water

Assorted Bottle Juices - $2.75

Individual bottled juice.  Select from:

- Orange Juice

- Apple Juice

- Cranberry Juice

Individually Wrapped Cutlery - $1 per person

Tel: 919-578-8206

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